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Wearalloy Steel
Super Clad Plate

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Wearalloy Super-Clad Plate is a super-tough material that lasts up to 30 times longer than mild steel and up to 20 times longer than manganese steel in applications that demand unusually high abrasion resistance. It is manufactured by metallurgically bonding a composite of chromiun-iron-carbon alloy and chromium carbides to mild steel substrate, in a process that yields a highly abrasion-resistant "overlay" material. It also has good impact.

Wearalloy 400 excellent excellent excellent excellent
Wearalloy 450 excellent excellent good good
Wearalloy 500 excellent fair fair poor
Wearalloy 550 excellent fair fair poor
BISPLATE® 600 excellent not recommended not recommended not recommended
Wearalloy NiCr excellent excellent good good
Wearalloy Superclad excellent fair fair not recommended
Mangalloy good excellent fair not recommended


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