Abrasion and Impact Resistant steel is all we do.
And we've been doing it since 1945.

Wearalloy Steel
Nickel Chrome Plus

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Wearalloy Nickel Chrome Plus has a rich chemistry. It is a heat treated, quenched and tempered alloy steel plate. The steel is fully killed, vacuum de-gassed, fine grained and desulfurized. The addition of nickel and chrome provides improved toughness, increased hardenability and better corrosion resistance for shock and abrasion applications.

Wearalloy 400 excellent excellent excellent excellent
Wearalloy 450 excellent excellent good good
Wearalloy 500 excellent fair fair poor
Wearalloy 550 excellent fair fair poor
BISPLATE® 600 excellent not recommended not recommended not recommended
Wearalloy NiCr excellent excellent good good
Wearalloy Superclad excellent fair fair not recommended
Mangalloy good excellent fair not recommended


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