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Mangalloy Steel

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Mangalloy Steel is an 11-14% manganese steel that performs best in extreme impact applications. Under shock and impact it nearly triples its initial surface hardness, retains its interior toughness, and acquires a high polish. These features, combined with Mangalloy's high tensile strength, make it an ideal material for heavy impact and abrasive service. Mangalloy steel is also non-magnetic.

Wearalloy 400 excellent excellent excellent excellent
Wearalloy 450 excellent excellent good good
Wearalloy 500 excellent fair fair poor
Wearalloy 550 excellent fair fair poor
BISPLATE® 600 excellent not recommended not recommended not recommended
Wearalloy NiCr excellent excellent good good
Wearalloy Superclad excellent fair fair not recommended
Mangalloy good excellent fair not recommended


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