Abrasion and Impact Resistant steel is all we do.
And we've been doing it since 1945.


LEADERS: When we were founded in 1945, we worked with construction and mining companies to combat wear problems with their equipment. Now, we are a global leader, carrying thousands of tons of Wearalloy and Mangalloy steel used in a wide variety of applications. We are committed to being the best in our industry, and you will find we have a wealth of expertise and physical resources.

PARTNERS: We work with you to improve your business by providing high quality wear-resistant products, excellent service, competitive pricing, and prompt delivery. Our highly trained sales representatives are available to provide a proven solution to your specific wear problems. With our warehouses and distribution centers stocked and managed throughout the world, our skilled and experienced professionals can help you avoid unnecessary downtime.

EXPERTS: We are experts in solving the challenges associated with heavy equipment and plant maintenance. With extensive drawings on file, and AutoCAD® capability, we will help you find the solution you need on everything from crusher to truck bed liners, and more. We are proud of our achievements, and would like to work with you to solve your abrasion and wear problems. Please contact us today.




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